Elliot Rodger and why I’m teaching my girls to break men

Okay, so I JUST said I was all loving and chill. Here’s where logic wins. This little jackass kid we know as Elliot Rodger is a prime example of EVERYTHING that is wrong with America right now.

Here’s the video. Go ahead. Watch it. I dare you.

How do you feel about that? No, no, no, don’t listen to ANY of the excuses people give for this kid, HOW DO YOU FEEL? I wanted to kind of burn the world and he strangely reminded me of Hans from Frozen. Charming young man, affluent family, and BAM he turns out to be a sack of dicks, and he talks so smoothly you really don’t get what he’s saying until after it all happens. CLEARLY this is what happened. From what I’ve read of this incident, there was a sheriff that was called (over this video I’m assuming) and he just shrugged it off and said blah blah blah he’s quiet and lonley but okay. So. According to this sheriff, OKAY people do shit like this. 

No. I don’t want to hear that he had Asperger’s or anything like that. There is disability, and then there’s INSANITY, America needs to WAKE UP and figure out that difference. Like. Now. We are too busy trying to make these atrocities out to be “unstoppable” crimes and that we are “helpless” to preventing situations like this. That’s bullshit. We are only fueling the attackers by believing this. We need to be more powerful and successful and more powerful and take this head-on. We need to cut people’s pretentious attitudes about getting professional help and GET OUR KIDS SOME DAMN HELP. Only if they need it, of course. I know it’s hard to face the fact your kid is different (I’m watching a friend experience this right now in its early stages) but it has to be done because… well you’re the parent and you have to help your kid, regardless of what you feel about it. Your pretentious ass doesn’t make it any less necessary for your kid to need help.

No we don’t need gun control, we need MORE guns. The more guns we have, the less violence will occur. Why? Because they KNOW somebody will likely take them out first. Look in Europe. There is a country with 2% crime rate and 98% gun ownership. They hand their kids guns at 14 after taking safety classes. I think guns are scary too, but I also thought driving a car was scary at first too. 90% of our fear with guns is because we don’t know about them more. The only REAL regulation I feel like we NEED to have is that we take classes before obtaining, and we NEED to lock those bitches up if we aren’t using them. When did people think it was okay to not lock up or gun UNLOADED and keep your ammo SEPARATE? If somebody breaks in and finds your guns and ammo together, you’re fucked.

And to all those idiots feeling bad for this kid or CONGRATULATING him for what he did? Fuck you. Women aren’t property. In the words of Princess Jasmine “I’m not some prize to be won!” The moment we stop teaching women how to not get raped, and instead teach our boys to not rape, needs to be NOW. These gender stereotypes are out of control and it’s turning our little boys into monsters! I understand this isn’t ALL men or even MOST men, but this is MORE men than it should be. We need to stop objectifying women and quit teaching our boys to bottle their emotions until they snap and kill everything around them. This does not make them macho, it makes them PSYCHO. If you NEED a gender stereotype, by all means, turn him into a Mr. Brady and teach him to provide for his family and to do the right thing, but don’t make him think for ONE moment that he is ENTITLED to somebody loving him, and having sex with him, or any of that bullshit. If he treats women with respect, they will do as such to them. Yes, some women suck too. I used to be one of them, but one bad apple doesn’t mean you should just mash them all! Not even ALL the apples being bad means you should smash them all. They too will one day rot to the point of becoming soil for more apples to grow, and certainly some of them will be good.

This silence about sexuality and how to treat people when you want to pursue them sexually needs to stop too. Sure, we were all given the “talk” in my suburban town of 13,000 and were all told we damn well better not be having sex before we are married (or at least in college my dad muttered) but that doesn’t teach kids HOW to act in a potentially sexual situation. We need to teach them to communicate their intentions and when to be polite and how to scream “do me now” and that it’s OKAY to say no, and that if they don’t listen, it’s OKAY to do whatever it takes to make it stop. Some karate probably wouldn’t hurt either, just because… well this is all fine and dandy but me screaming about how the world should be doesn’t make it that way.

It’s like this Facebook post I saw today from one of the kids I knew in high school. He was complaining about how “women being fake bitches makes people want to kill themselves and it’s all their fault and blah blah blah gag” and I wanted to scream. Since THIS place is my place for venting, and not Facebook, I just promptly blocked him. Nobody MAKES you kill yourself first of all. Yes, maybe they make you feel worthless, I know my mom is pretty pro at that, but they don’t MAKE you. I know that takes a lot of self talk and self respect to do that, and I haven’t had that until a couple years ago myself, but don’t EVER give somebody that power. If you need to delete them and block them and avoid them and even leave town… shit leave STATE to fix it, do it. Being a self-pitying jackass will only make you a PSYCHO (start reading at beginning of post) and that’s NEVER okay. 

And no, most women aren’t fake. We are just multi-faceted people just like all the other people out there. We just choose to show a certain facet to those we don’t know, and even if you don’t like the other facets, we STILL aren’t fake. You just don’t like us. Learn the difference.


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