Oh hey, I’m new at this, too!

I don’t know how to start this.

Hey. Hola. Hello. Good evening! Look at my first-timer nerves go! Where to start?

Oh! This is my first blog post in a series of parenting-related (mostly) posts/topics I’m going to randomly do. I’ve gotten a few requests from friends to just throw it out there either because a) they think I’m brilliant; or (most likely) b) they think I’m crazy and fun to listen to (read) rave. Personally, I’m doing this to vent my views in a place where I won’t get banned from a Facebook group for being “inconsiderate.”

So. About me.

I’m 22. I’m married; been so for about 6 months (yes, he’s still alive) and have two little girls. My oldest is two, and my youngest is four months. He’s snipped, no more, so don’t ask (it will probably come up later). I have another child, but lost him (I always deep in my heart felt “it” [I hate saying that] was a boy so that’s where it stays) at 12 weeks gestation. Found out couple weeks before I was 18, they moved my due date back a couple weeks and requested an ultrasound at my first visit, found out his heartbeat was irregular and gave me the writing on the wall. Babies generally do that when their heart is about to stop. Sure enough, two weeks later and that was that. Went into labor with him two days later, and birthed him in the middle of Composition class. That was a GREAT first week of college. Didn’t notice until… well that’s graphic, we can talk about that later if you all want to know that story. Basically, it was super traumatic and blew up my life. That brought me here. 

So WHY ON EARTH is it called “Not crunchy, but crispy”? Hehe because sometimes I’m a punny genius. No, the truth is, because I’m a Diamond (don’t care what anybody thinks) but don’t fit EVERY piece of criteria. Maybe it’s best I just explain in a nutshell where I’m coming from, and we dive into them later:

-I breastfeed BOTH my girls (my oldest is mostly weaned though at this point) and feel VERY strongly about breastfeeding (I personally feel that’s the FIRST step to breastfeeding success past 6 months)

-I had two natural deliveries, and wish every woman would just bite the bullet and try it sometime. It’s not that bad, I promise.

-I wear my youngest. It’s just too convenient not to.

-I, for a very long time, tried to deny the fact I don’t really like the idea of circumcision, to be totally honest.

-I WISH we could afford to eat only organic, and am considering clean eating at this point.

-BUT I DO vaccinate (sorry science trumps all crazy philosophies I have, can’t deny it)

-I bedshare with my youngest (I love the snuggles, but the three of us [my oldest has her own bed, actually in her own room with her sister’s original bedding arrangement] share a full sized bed, and they both are kind of bedhogs.

-basically I consider myself an attachment parent, but without all the crazy stuff (YES WE USE TOILET PAPER, LIKE THE FLUSHABLE STUFF)

Some people call me a bit of a “hippie” with my views of the world, but I HATE conspiracy and try to logic my way through the stupidness of this world we live in, but sometimes you just can’t deny what’s REALLY going on. Basically, I love the sex, (not drugs), and rock and roll but when science and logic refute them, I cede and let them win.

What I’m thinking about doing, is if something strikes me as something needing to be addressed, I will. Otherwise, if you have a request, comment below and I’ll throw it on my list of things to dig into for people’s hilarity. PLEASE don’t get mad at me, I’m really not going to hate you if your life is 100% different from mine, even if my philosophy tells me to; unless you are just an asshole to your kids, then I might.

So yea, this is me! Comment below if you’re curious about the crazienss! 


3 thoughts on “Oh hey, I’m new at this, too!

  1. Oh how I love your sense of humor!! Now that I’ve gotten out of the hell we know as fls I have more time and desire to keep up with my blog. Any crafty ideas you have send em my way and I will see what I can do!!

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